C. Michael Illies, CEO of the ILLIES GROUP, gives interview to a Japanese newspaper


Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun - Dec. 28, 2017


German company, C. ILLIES & Co. enlarges its business into additive manufacturing field. Since the establishment in 1859, the company changes the handling products on a consistent basis and the current main products are the machines for textile, paper and printing, plastic and metal processing. The proportion of turnover is specific and 100% is based in Asia business. We interviewed the CEO of ILLIES, Carl Michael Illies about the prospect of Asia business and additive manufacturing which the company recently sets a focus on.


NK: The development of Chinese market seems slow down.

Mr. Illies: I think Chinese economy will grow continuously in the future. The people are now looking for the high class technology, not the normal standard products any more. We also expect profit in the trend.

NK: How about entire Asia?

Mr. Illies: Our company revenue is 100% based on Asia business. We accompany the market entering of Japanese companies into Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. We will not change our stance of 100% Asia business. Asia is the driving force of the world economy but the political risks must be considered.

NK: There is no local office in India.

Mr. Illies: Indian market is very special. We have run business there more than 10 years but there are some bureaucratic and uncertain parts from business point of view.

NK: ILLIES enlarges the business into additive manufacturing field in Japan.

Mr. Illies: We play the role of the bridge which brings the European cutting edge technology to Japan and Japanese trend to Europe. For example, process technology of titan by additive manufacturing or designing used by biometric technology. There is the case to reduce the weight by 50% with a design inspired by natural world. We will support Japanese companies at the introduction of such technologies.

NK: Major business field of additive manufacturing is the automotive industry in Japan. Do you have any plan to open an office in Chubu area, the center of automotive industry?

Mr. Illies: We are ready to consider it according to the necessity but our strategy is not to open an office first and start sales activities. There are similar industry center areas even in bigger China. We believe the sales activities are possible with physical distance by taking advantage of digital media marketing.


Writer’s Eye:

Watch the movement of European technologies

European companies, take a lead of additive manufacturing as typified by 3D printers and Siemens and Rolls-Royce implement the technology for mass productions. ILLIES introduces the start-up companies who are close to the technology inner circle to Japanese companies. Japanese major manufacturing companies are conservative and set the limit for its application only in R&D field but Mr. Illies emphasized that the company ILLIES’ history over 158 years was only possible through the changes according to the demand of time. We should continuously watch the trend of European technologies.