Coaching for ARCHE-protégés

It has become a tradition for ILLIES to dispense with Christmas gifts and instead donate to social projects around Hamburg. This year we are supporting Freundeskreis DIE ARCHE e.V., to promote ARCHE-protégés by focused coaching in relevant subjects.

For over 10 years the The ARCHE Christliches Kinder- und Jugendwerk e.V. in Hamburg-Jenfeld and Billstedt has been there for children and adolescents from socially disadvantaged families. Each afternoon 140-160 young people find a quiet haven and a reliable caregiver, individual care and support. ARCHE-protégés are promoted by a wide variety of offers, such as homework help, coaching, short holiday trips and learning camps.

As DIE ARCHE is depending almost 100% on donations, Freundeskreis DIE ARCHE e.V. supports this organisation on a voluntary basis by collecting money. The entire money reaches earmarked DIE ARCHE.


You want to support this organisation?

Donations account:

Freundeskreis Die ARCHE Hamburg e.V.

Berenberg Bank

IBAN: DE07 2012 0000 0054 5400 00


You will find further information about Freundeskreis DIE ARCHE e.V. via their Homepage.



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